PSI GRID Helställ Svart / Röd


The RACING GRID TECH-AIR® COMPATIBLE suit is designed for track riding. Fully equipped for race use, including preparation for the Alpinestars TECH-AIR® airbag system, which can be purchased with the suit or at a later date. The system works electronically, thanks to the ACU (Airbag Control Unit) software which detects, and activates in a hazardous situation. This system has a number of advantages over some competitors including no tether connection to the motorcycle, as well as no need of a communication signal connection, as is often required by GPS linked systems. The airbag provides full 360 degree protection of the upper body with reinforcement over the shoulders, chest, upper abdomen, back and kidney area. A great benefit is that the TECH-AIR® airbag can be configured in either RACE mode (for the track) or STREET (for the road). The system contains two inflation cartridges and in STREET mode both are activated at the same time, in the event of an accident. Inflating in up to an unbelievable 25 ms. On the track, in RACE mode, one cartridge is activated on the first deployment, leaving the second, should the rider remount to still be protected. Increase riding safety, ride with the airbag!

PSI GRID Helställ Svart / Röd


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  • Prepared for the Alpinestars TECH-AIR® airbag system
  • Shoulders: Sas-Tec® – 3D viscofoam + PSI® T.F. S. – double protection system with external ”ferrites” made of high strength steel
  • Elbows, knees, shins: PSI® – ergonomically shaped sandwich mouldings of special plastic
  • Removable elbow sliders
  • Neck vertebrae – large hump protector – with Hydroback preparation
  • Hips: Sas-Tec® – 3D Viscous Elastic Foam Protectors – EVOLUTION design
  • Arms: Reinforced with Viscofoam® memory foam
  • Coccyx: reinforced with Viscofoam® memory foam
  • Collarbone and chest: reinforced with Viscofoam® memory foam
  • PSI® forearm protector
  • Seat-area reinforced with Kevlar fabric – GP-TECH design
  • Prepared for attachment of separate chest and back protectors
  • Safety seams
  • Removable knee sliders


  • Elastic leather panels – sleeves, back and hips for maximum movement and inflation of airbag
  • Schoeller Keprotec® Kevlar Stretch panels – sleeves, crotch and legs for maximum movement
  • Comfortable collar made of soft fabric allowing uninhibited neck movement during racing
  • Sleeve ends with an absorbent textile cuff for comfortable fit with gloves
  • Perforated leather for optimum ventilation
  • Kevlar shin stretch panels reduce ‘bunching’ inside motorcycle boots
  • Anti-slip ribbing on thighs aids handling went lent over in corners
  • Cow hide 1.2 – 1.4 mm thick, from a long established and experienced Italian leather supplier
  • Perforated polyester lightweight lining


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  1. Roger. M

    Köpte detta ställ och är supernöjd.
    Flexibilitet och kvalitet på hög nivå.


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