Sixs tvättmedel för underställ


Ett riktigt bra tvättmedel från Sixs som lämpar sig för underställ, träningskäder mm. Tar fram samma fina doft som när plagget öppnades för första gången.

Lämpar sig utmärkt för handtvätt och låga temperaturer.


Sixs tvättmedel för underställ...


Washes, regenerates and sanitizes all types of technical sportswear and accessories in synthetic and natural fibres.

Designed to be effective on typical sports dirt at low temperatures (30°).
Removes unpleasant odours and gives a particular fragrance which remains for a long time with deodorant effect.


1l bottle for 22/27 washes (for normal washing machine use)



The famous original fragrance of SIXS garments, developed in collaboration specifically to renew the fragrance at each wash and enriched with molecules that keep the technical fibres soft and intact without using fabric softener and which reduce the formation of bad smells during wearing.

Intense fresh and menthol perfume, gives the composition an energizing tone, full of vitality.
Suggestions for use:

To wash in the washing machine: use a specific program for sportswear at 30°. Depending on the degree of dirt choose a more energetic and longer program in the case of difficult dirt or a lighter and faster program in the case of light dirt
hand washing: dilute in lukewarm water, leave garments to soak for 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly
in case of stubborn stains apply a few drops of product directly on stains before washing
dry in the shade and away from heat sources
Technical specifications:

Specific product for synthetic fabrics and micro-fibres, maintains the fibres soft and protected
contains ”Colour Saver”: respects and maintains the original colours of the technical garments
do not add fabric softener (it clings to the fabrics and is therefore in contact with the skin and could cause skin reactions)


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