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RAPID BIKE ECU Race Kit Aprilia RSV4 2011-12


RAPID BIKE Evo ECU Kit Aprilia RSV4 2011-12

Detta ECU KIT erbjuder er att noggrant  reglera luft bränsle blandningen på er RSV4. Plug and play installation. Denna produkt gör det möjligt  att ni mappar er ECU i en rullande landsväg /  Dynojet bänk etc. .. Ca 10 dagars leverans. Illustrerande bild.  Läs mer under beskrivning. 


RAPID BIKE ECU Race Kit Aprilia RSV4 2011-12 A real revolution in technology applied in the motorcycle sector, Rapid Bike RACING is the most complete and innovative system available for managing engine operation through an additional control unit.

Design evolution and functional completion, the RACING control unit analyzes and manages simultaneously up to 8 input parameters thanks to a calculation capacity ten times higher than the already appreciated Rapid Bike3.

A technologically advanced tool to guarantee maximum electronic support at the highest competitive levels.

Features : 
By means of the software downloadable directly from the site. Through the USB interface provided, the motorcyclist will be able to create his own maps and set new self-adaptive criteria whenever he deems it appropriate, in order to obtain the desired performance.


– Ignition timing dynamic control: exclusive phase management system to check the advance of the engine cycle and bring it to maximum efficiency (in the graph two comparative tests of the power supplied by a Yamaha R6 on our bench: the red line represents the test with RapidBike RACING running – click to zoom in).

– Engine braking control: management of the engine brake in deceleration, to eliminate the annoying hopping of the rear axle when braking and improve the stability of the vehicle when cornering.

– Pit – lane rpm limiter: manually operated limiter that reduces power delivery to stay at constant speed when entering the garage area.

– Switch multi sets: not a simple map change, but the transition to a complete set of advance maps, injection, limiters (also in pit-lane function), engine brake management and even self-processing of the injection map (self-adaptation).

The active management of the engine speed and speed limiters, which is crucial in the competitive field, deserves to be described in detail as it is supported by cutting-edge technological solutions, also suitable for road use. For this reason, this management is made available for both Rapid Bike RACING and Rapid Bike EVO: our technology emerges and makes what is available on the market obsolete.

The ”movement” of the rev limiter is carried out on a progressive scale in order to obtain a smooth and progressive delivery also in the additional rev range. Some functions are specifically supported by the control unit in this phase to achieve the best performance (e.g. recovery pump, lambda probe signal modulation, etc.).

The speed limiter is also one of the parameters managed by Rapid Bike RACING and Rapid Bike EVO: the maximum performance for your desire for the track.

It is included in the package :

– Rapid Bike Evo control unit

– specific waterproof wiring for installation

– interface cable for connection to PC

– Assembly instructions


Differences between Rapid Bike RACING and RACING EXCLUSIVE ECU:
– The Exclusive kit does NOT include the Usb connection cable between the control unit and PC. And therefore must be purchased separately for those who want to ”play” with the control unit or update / change maps or work on the control unit itself. The USB cable is instead included in the Rapid Bike Evo / Racing kit

–  Exclusive version was created for the model for which it is purchased and cannot be subsequently used on a different motorcycle model. Therefore, if you purchase a new motorcycle (different from the one in use). The control unit cannot be reprogrammed and used on the new vehicle.

Differences between Rapid Bike RACING and EVO :

The Racing ECU manages all the parameters of the Evo ECU, but in addition it has the possibility of managing the advances (depending on the models) and other parameters related to driving on the track. Furthermore, together with the use of the You Tune control unit. It allows the activation of the Traction Control and Lunch Control function


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