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RAPID BIKE Easy 2 ECU-Kit KTM 1290 2016-20


RAPID BIKE Easy 2 ECU-Kit KTM 1290 2016-20

Denna elektroniklåda erbjuder er att på ett väldigt enkelt sätt reglera luft bränsle blandningen på er KTM 1290 Duke. Plug and play installation.  För bästa inställning bör ni mäta lambda värdet i en rullande landsväg..  Läs mer under beskrivning. 


RAPID BIKE Easy 2 ECU-Kit KTM 1290 2016-20


The new Rapid Bike Easy 2 control unit is a management module that acts by interfacing with the signal coming from the lambda probe equipped with specific ”Plug & Play” wiring, ready for assembly on the original system.

The container is in ABS, sealed with epoxy resins to guarantee maximum protection from shocks, vibrations and temperature changes (automotive standard) and waterproof.


Additional control unit equipped with microprocessor which allows the modification of the signal coming from the lambda probe and the air temperature.

The calibration of the control unit is carried out with a simple intervention on the trimmer (adjustment screws) which corrects the injection times, significantly increasing the efficiency.

The lambda probe is managed by reading the signal and reproducing it with modified characteristics in order to obtain a correction from the mapping at all speeds, and to improve the response and delivery of the engine.


– Included in the kit: Wiring + programmed control unit that does not require additional PCs and software

– Case in ABS and epoxy resin insulation system with characteristics of resistance to shocks, vibrations and thermal excursions (automotive standard) and waterproof

– 12Vdc power supply


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