• R6 2006-21-Motorskydd GB-Racing

R6 2006-21-Motorskydd GB-Racing


GB Racing motorskydd. 3 kits skydd för koppling, generator och pickup. Extra hög kvalitet och hållbarhet. Samtliga monteringsdetaljer medföljer.Motor skydd är ett måste för dig som vill köra i licens grupp eller skall ställa upp i någon typ av mc-tävling på bana. Läs mer under beskrivning. 

R6 2006-21-Motorskydd GB-Racing R6 2006-21-Motorskydd GB-Racin...


Kit includes: Stock alternator cover (EC-R6-2008-1-GBR) + Clutch cover ( EC-R6-2008-2-GBR ) + Pick-up cover ( EC- R6-2008-3-GBR )

GB Racing is a specialist in motorcycle protection, producing frame, engine and fairing protections for the motorcycles of the most prestigious brands.

The innovative GB Racing protections are made using a hot forging technique in sturdy 6.6 nylon, thus making them much more resistant to abrasion, heat developed by the engine and impact.

Structurally, the Nylon fiber absorbs the kinetic energy of impact better, while the hot injection of the components during the construction phase allows effective elasticity.

In addition to the undoubted improvement of the aesthetics of the bike, the protection of the engine and the frame remain the main purpose of the GB Racing components, protecting all the most delicate parts from accidental collisions or sliding with the asphalt, as well as from bad weather, dust and debris from from the road surface.

In fact, the GB Racing crankcases are easily installed in a few minutes and perfectly match the shape of the bike.

The mounting hardware is supplied in the kit.


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