Najningsbara skruvar för bromsok BMW


Najningsbara skruvar för bromsok Ducati

Najningsbar rostfri skruv för bromsok. Skruven tillverkas av Engelska Racebolt och används världen över. 1 paket innehåller 4st skruvar.

Skriv vilken mc ni har i anteckningar till Swedish Race Parts.


Racebolt products are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. Please see ’Specifications’ tab for dimensional information
Racebolt Front Caliper mount kits contain the necessary bolts to replace the OEM bolts. Simply remove each original bolt and replace with the equivalent length Racebolt part. Torque to manufacturers original torque settings with a dab of medium strength thread locking compound and you are good to go! One of the most cost effective ways to reduce unsprung weight. Made from Aircraft Spec Grade 5 Titanium, this range is 40% lighter than Steel equivalents with the same material strength. Designed and copyrighted by Racebolt the design has excellent durability maximum weight saving. Designed & precision machined in the UK with rolled threads they are ideal for race or road and widely used in multiple race series around the world. Our titanium fasteners are machine finished with a light polish.

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