Mivv slipon Sound


Riktigt fint slipon från Italienska Mivv.  Ger din KTM ett fint ljud och önskas lite lugnare ljud är det bara att montera medföljande dB killer enligt videon under beskrivning. Passar årsmodellen 2012-2018

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Made to improve the aesthetics, sound and performance of the motorcycle, the Mivv slip-on exhaust comes from the utmost attention to design, with the aim of satisfying those who want to stand out , even through the look of their bike.

The SOUND line is the perfect synthesis of aesthetics, innovation and applied technology. In designing it, the best materials were chosen to ensure maximum lightness for the product .

Entirely made of brushed stainless steel resistant to high temperatures, this silencer is ideal for lovers of two wheels who do not want to give up on design .


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