Lambda eliminator Honda ( OSE-203)


Smart Moto är riktigt duktiga med stort utbud av olika typer av produkter för att kunna ersätta olika givare på din mc. Samtliga produkter är noggrant testade på samtliga modeller innan dem lanseras . För att slippa felkoder så användes dessa motstånd i original kabelstammen när man vill ta bort lambda sonderna. Pris per styck. Passar följande Honda modeller:

  • Honda > CB 1000 R > 2008 – 2017
  • Honda > CBF 1000 > 2010 – 2016
  • Honda > CBR 1100 XX > 2002 – 2007
  • Honda > CBR 600 F > 2001 – 2007
  • Honda > CBR 929 > 2000 – 2001
  • Honda > CBR 954 > 2002 – 2003
  • Honda > VTX 1800 (EU) > 2002 – 2008
  • Honda > X-11 > 2000 – 2004



Lambda eliminator Honda ( OSE-203) The Oxygen sensors of all motorcycles are limited to catch the emission standards and in some specific throttle positions will try to alter the fuel mixture to catch the stochiometric Air/Fuel ratio. This system is designed to improve emissions but has negative effect on performance.

The Oxygen sensor eliminator kit by SmartMoto replaces the OEM unit and forces the ECU to use the installed map without the restrictions of the Oxygen sensor. Specification for Lambda eliminator Honda ( OSE-214)

Key Features

  • Improves throttle response, offering smoother power delivery and more torque in the low and mid RPMs.
  • Supports aftermarket fuel controllers that require the elimination of the Oxygen sensor.
  • Supplements the installation of aftermarket exhaust systems that do not have an Oxygen sensor port.
  • Can be used to replace a malfunctioning Oxygen sensor.
  • Plug and play design, no wire cutting required.

High Quality Standards

  • The whole product is enclosed into a special high grade resin. It is the most durable design available, it is compact and completely waterproof.
  • We use only OEM connectors to ensure perfect fitment.
  • The exhaust blanking plugs are highly corrosion resistant plugs.
  • Sophisticated production and high quality parts ensure top quality product.
  • This product is tested and developed for the listed motorcycles.

Fitting is very easy, you need to follow the wires from the oxygen sensor to the wiring harness until you find its connector, then you disconnect it and you connect the eliminator in its place.
Then you unscrew the sensor from the exhaust and install the blanking plug in its place.
For motorcycles that have two oxygen sensors we list eliminator kits that contain two eliminators, you use the procedure above for each oxygen sensor. Installation of this kit is intended for closed circuit competition purposes only. The purchaser of this performance kit acknowledges that it is not intended for street use


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