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  • Quickshifter CBR1000RR




Unna dig själv att kunna växla upp till nästa växel utan att behöva använda kopplingen. Detta ger snabbare acceleration och mindre rörelse i din mc. Greppet ökar även mellan däck /asfalt då drivet enbart försvinner när tändningen bryts. Ställbara värden på bryttider och satsen innehåller plug/ play kontakter. GLÖM INTE SKRIVA VILKEN MC MODELL NI HAR I SLUTET AV ORDERN



By ”Healtech”

Model : Quick Shifter easy

Size: 50mm x 30mm x 17mm

Weight: 43g


Clutchless, full throttle shifts for minimum time loss during a gear change. The quickshifter cuts the ignition at the moment you start moving the shift lever. The gearbox is unloaded, making it possible for you to switch one gear up without closing the throttle. By the time the spark comes back, you’re already in the next gear – no hassle, no glitch, no time loss.

The product was designed with the average rider in mind to make the installation and setup as simple as possible yet it has all the features needed for pro racers too.

One sensor that works on all motorcycles, also with reverse (race) shift pattern. Plug ‘n go harness kits are available for most bikes. Compatible with all our products too.

The module is weather and shock proof and comes with our 2 year warranty. We offer free and automatic software updates for the lifetime of this product. Even the module firmware is updated automatically via Bluetooth (with our zero-risk technology) which makes the product future proof

The iQSE is the only quickshifter module on the market which utilizes Bluetooth technology and iOS + Android app for setup and verification.

Can even be disabled with a few taps to restore factory condition e.g. for servicing the bike.

How it work:

At each gear change the lever is subjected to the energy of the pilot action. The sensor continuously transmits the energy of the stress to which it is subjected to the Healtech control unit, which as soon as it reaches the value set by the user, shuts off the engine for a few milliseconds. The brief switch-off is sufficient to engage the gear keeping the accelerator fully open and without acting on the clutch.


– The new sensor is installed Plug & Play by connecting a cable in a few seconds;

– The sensor always remains in the most protected area in the event of a fall;

– In case you want to change motorbikes, just buy the Plug & Play wiring dedicated to it, always reusing the same Healtech control module;

-Setting of the very fast change via bluetooth thanks to the application for Android and Apple.

This gearbox is supplied complete with control unit and sensor, it does not require other control units for correct operation.

NB: This picture is only indicative


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