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ACEBIKES väska för vikbara lamp


  • Snygg praktisk väska för vikbara ramper
  • Specialdesignad för Acebikes ramp
  • Förhindrar skador på ramp och tex bilens interiör.
  • Blixtlås som öppnar hela väskan.

It is highly recommended for you to make use of a specially designed carry bag in order to prevent your ramp from scratching or damaging your vehicle or motorcycle during storage and transportation.
This highly functional bag, which comes in the attractive colour combination black/red, was manufactured to be used in combination with most types of foldable ramps and it is fully equipped with a convenient  full length zipper, making the bag easy to navigate and allows for optimum use of space. The useful handles make storage of your ramp easy and practical. The bag has extra-large measurements of 120 x 17 x 32 cm, is lightweight, and is made from a highly durable textile fabric. This foldable ramp carry bag makes storing your ramp a completely effortless operation.

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