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I2M Chrome lite display med tillhörande kabel, specifikt för din mc. Välj vilken Suzuki modell du har under variation 1.

I2M är marknadsledande på race displayer och tillbehören är många. Tydlig display även under starkt solsken. Läs fullständig beskrivning under beskrivning.

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Chrome dashboard is a true innovation among motorbike aftermarket dashboards. Thanks to a true color 800×480 display and to a 400MHz processor, this dashboard guarantees extreme flexibility both for the designer and for the final user, with its user friendly menus it conveys a lot of useful informations.

The display has been chosen by I2M to guarantee an optimal legibility even in direct sunlight, and a special antiglare coated glass avoids side effects from the sun. Chrome is at the same time a dashboard, a chronograph and a data acquisition system. One can use its useful menus to choose 20 pre-loaded circuits (and modify them as needed). For each circuit 500 laps are recordable, and for each lap 3 splits are available.
Chrome calculates and shows to the user the summary of each circuit data such as a map, the best lap, the ideal lap, the number of performed laps. It keeps a lot of stored data both for previous days sessions and for those of the current day in a way that allows the pilot to rapidly assess the daily trend.
Thanks to its graphic display Chrome allows the user to show the map directly on the monitor so one can modify the position of the finish line and of the split as preferred just moving the cursor along the map.

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